“Sending a message that’s neither heard nor understood is miscommunication.” – Shelagh Foster


Most people entering the workforce for the first time lack certain skills and this book basically answers questions recent graduates and entry-level candidates were not even aware they should ask before entering the workforce. Expressing yourself properly is important in human interactions especially in the work environment. Good communication skills have such an impact and poor communication holds people back. Communication has variations which include; Spoken word, written word, body language, silence, posture, and facial expressions.


The Job Market and Your Skills

Getting into the job market requires energy, optimism, courage and relentless persistence:

  • Networking- this involves using your existing contacts and finding new ones; this could either be personal, professional or organisational.
  • Job adverts- this could be through newspapers, online advertisements or magazines.
  • Company websites- most large companies and organisations often advertise openings on their sites.

Interview Essentials

The primary process for getting a job involves the following steps;

  • Initiating contact with an organisation to schedule an interview and follow the organisations lead.
  • Dress neatly- this implies effort, order and self-respect.
  • Time- arrive on time, be punctual and focused.
  • Enthusiasm- when you arrive with enthusiasm, it shows your interviewer that you want to be there and it fills those around you with high expectations.
  • Show vitality.
  • Take the initiative- it is important to make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen.
  • Eloquence- clarity of speech and thought.

Seven Essential Practices in the Workplace.

None of us learns from being perfect; we learn from how we manage our mistakes.

  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Stay curious.
  • Manage your time well.
  • Get to know the organisational culture.
  • Take responsibility and fix mistakes.
  • Interact productively with superiors, peers and clients.
  • Find a mentor.


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