Every job has its specific requirements. However, some employers lookout for certain skills when hiring and they are known as soft skills. Soft skills are personal attributes that can help you become successful in your career and personal life. Employers value these skills while hiring any candidate because they serve as a reflection of how important and valuable such candidate is and could be to the organization;


The ability to communicate effectively should not be underestimated (written and oral communication). To succeed in an organisation, employees need to know how to communicate as well as listen to work effectively with supervisors, co-workers, and clients.


The ability to find solutions to daily challenges that arise in your organisation is essential. In fact, individuals who can proffer solutions are considered to be valuable. It is important to have the ability to solve problems because this skill is virtually in every job position you can think of. This skill is highly recommended because it connects you to other skills such as flexibility, adaptability, creative thinking, and lots more. You will be expected to solve problems that pop up in the course of your work even if it is not boldly written in your job description. Therefore, you must develop and demonstrate your problem-solving skills by actively seeking out opportunities for you to develop this skill. For example, you could resolve a conflict within your team, or provide a solution if a client or customer raised a complaint.


The ability to perceive, evaluate and respond to your emotions and others is a desired soft skill in the workplace. Most times, it requires logic and empathy and people with higher emotional intelligence find it easier to form and maintain interpersonal relationships. As an employer, it will be an added advantage to possess such skill because it is a crucial component of leadership. Also, the ability to manage emotions has been considered one of the strongest indicators of workforce performance. It can bring out the best in others, create a high performing team, build trust and transparency among your friends, listen to others, and take note of their needs and wants, then you have what every employer is on the lookout for?


To be honest, most employers are looking for someone who would grow into a product of responsibility, handle all tasks assigned to them and effectively lead a team. Apart from you possessing skill like communication, adaptability, emotional intelligence, and more, leadership skill is important. Leadership is a combination of every soft skill. Therefore, when answering your interview questions, highlight your skills, show your employer how you have led a team and how you are looking forward to growing into a leader within the company.


Time management is the process of working smarter to enhance productivity. Good time management makes you work smarter and not harder and this is exactly what every employer wants. It is often said that the highest achievers manage their time well and good time management at work is indispensable. However, you would have to prioritize, multi-task, schedule and strategize. It is not enough to have this skill; prove you have this skill by providing examples of how you applied it. Describe your past jobs and how you were able to achieve them in your resume.

Which of these top requested skills do you possess?