One of our mentees, Oluwaloni applied for the GROW Mentorship Programme and her life changed. She remained committed to the programme and through the help of her mentor, Chinedu Mofunanya, she was able to advance in her career and gained some useful soft skills needed to get her right on track. We recently spoke with her and here is what she had to say


What inspired you to apply for the GROW Mentorship Programme?

The GROW Mentorship Programme came at the right time, and it is such a blessing to me. I needed career breakthrough, and this programme came through for me. I had been a part of some mentorship programmes before, but the GROW Mentorship Programme made a huge difference. I strongly believed in mentoring, and I knew that this would benefit me again, since I need career clarity and this programme did not prove me wrong.

Tell us about the time you had 

I had such an interesting time with my group and my mentor. I would love to mention that my mentor, Chinedu Mofunanya was exceptional and it was such a delight to see. His personality is so attractive and it helped me commit to the programme fully. I particularly like the fact that the GROW Mentorship Programme is well structured. It felt like I was in a school; from the application process, to the selection and onboarding process. Kudos to the team and the coordinators. I will always recommend the programme to anyone who is interested in a mentorship programme.

How has the mentorship programme benefited you?

The GROW mentorship programme has largely impacted my life. I wasn’t certain at the start that I could commit to the programme or be vulnerable in any way.

During the programme, I learnt the benefits of interactions with myself, my environment and with people. Speaking to my mentor who has more experience in several areas helped me see ways to improve without straining myself. It also made me accountable to my mentor and myself, especially with the assignments given at the end of each session. Even though they weren’t one-on-one sessions, they were still effective because I learnt from the questions other mentees had and from the responses our mentor gave. Right now, I’m more assertive and conscious of my actions and thoughts about my goals.

Altogether, I enjoyed the approach of the programme, I treasure each lesson learned, and I’m glad to say I have grown during this period. Thank you so much GROW and my deepest gratitude to Mr Mofunaya for all his insights. I would recommend this to anyone willing to go on a transformative journey.