The future of the workplace is uncertain and changeable. Who knew the coronavirus pandemic would disrupt workflow and exiting work system that has been in place for centuries? Who knew organisations could adopt remote working and the level of productivity would still be untouched in some industries? The job market is filled with so much uncertainty as nobody knows what could happen the next minute.

One of the numerous ways on how you can stay employable in changing times is the power or effect of finding or having the right mentors. Developing the right employability skills will only take you to a particular level but surrounding yourself with the right people and engaging them will help you make greater strides. Apart from the networking opportunities mentors could provide, they are also valuable in giving you tips and advice on what you need to improve on and the pitfalls you need to avoid. Get yourself the right mentor today.

How often do you network? Employable individuals take networking seriously and you should too. Data has shown that successful employees invest in connections and are so passionate about developing professional relationships. Do you want to remain employable? Then treat every professional relationship as important and an instrument of growth and career development.

How much do you strive to grow daily? Are you a master of your toolkit? It is important to widen your knowledge on your chosen career path daily, to improve and gain a better understanding of your field. Look for resources online, you can find numerous resources on YouTube and other social platforms to your advantage.

Committing to lifelong learning and career development is important. The more skills and knowledge you have, the easier it is for you to demonstrate your abilities and worth.