You would agree with me that job search is a very daunting and tiring process. The hassle of searching for a job that aligns with your goals is tedious and creates a lot of anxiety. The application process and interview preparation in itself can be quite overwhelming. The goal of every individual that goes for an interview is to get hired.

Now, we cannot ignore the fact that not everyone will get their dream job, a sad reality. There is something called job rejection and it is real. It is pertinent to state that job rejection is normal and not a curse, it is a part of the hiring process. Some will get lucky, while some will not. Hence, the not-so-lucky ones are the recipients of the rejection emails. The point here is, how do you bounce back from job rejections and use it to your advantage?

The first step is to be aware that getting rejected is normal and part of every hiring process. The same way you applied for the job, so did others. Therefore, you are faced with intense competition. Of course, every hiring manager or recruiter seeks to hire the best talent out of the pool. Be rest assured that this is not your fault but part of the process. On the other side, you are also asking yourself “but I did exceptionally well in the interview”, yes you did, but may not have been very convincing.

To use job rejections to your advantage, you might want to do some self-analysis. Go back to the drawing board and strategize. You can make adjustments by sharing your approach or presentation style with your friends or mentors. Ask for their honest opinion and allow them to criticise you, constructively. Make sure you listen to them and adjust where necessary.

Furthermore, always seek for ways to get feedback from your recruiter or hiring manager after you have received a rejection email. Their opinion counts and they are in a better position to tell you where and how you could have done better. It is very easy to be bitter and spiteful after every rejection email, but it boils down to your perspective. How do you view rejection emails? Hateful? Or a chance to make you grow? Always ask for feedback as this will be useful in your next interview.

Lastly, learn to manage your expectations. Get excited about the process and have fun while hoping that you get hired. Take a chance on yourself and get to know more about yourself; you will be amazed at the hidden strengths that you possess. Focus on the victories (especially when you move to the next stage) and stay positive.

It is not easy to deal with rejections, but job rejections are normal and could be seen as a learning process till you get your dream job.