I have always been a self-help book advocate because I have grown immensely since I started reading voraciously for years. Reading changed my life tremendously; some self-help books contain  secrets you cannot find online until you search deep. These books have impacted my life in a major way and that is why I want to share them with you. The most important part of reading is when you put what you have learned into actions; I have listed few books that positively affected by personal development below.


If you value productivity and are constantly looking for ways to improve on time management, this book by David Allen should be a priority. This productivity book is a good investment for my personal development. My productivity increased significantly, stress reduced after following the methods and tips as laid out by the author. Anyone who reads this book will regain control of their lives and will achieve profound results.


I absolutely love this book. Before I came across this book, my morning rituals included snoozing the alarm button and praying for 5 minutes so I could go back to bed, and this is not a great way to start your morning. It is important to have a great start because success begins once you get your day right. Your morning routine should involve setting your intentions for the day, and this what this book does for you. It covers six morning routines you should practice that will elevate your life and career. However, it takes a bit of commitment, but once you follow it duly, you will see great results. This book is magical and if you are ready to leave procrastination behind, then I recommend this.


I used to be uninspired few years back due to the number of rejections I have faced. This time, I am talking about career and job rejections. I remember that I went to my inbox one day and I counted over 50 rejection emails and after that day, I stopped applying for jobs until my friend recommended this book to me and my perspective changed. Let me tell you a secret, during your career journey you will be required to conquer your fear of rejection and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Jia Jiang is simply saying that, most incredible life experiences would not have happened if the recipients did not ask for them. This book is for those who wants to reach a level of fearlessness in their lives, entrepreneurs who are working hard to build a sustainable company and people who want to break free from anxiety.


This is the book explains how habits are formed and changed. If you have always wanted to change a specific habit of your and you could not, you should read this. We all have habits we want to change and to do this, we must change the routine first. Habits are important and a great part of our lives but could also be delicate if not properly formed. Habits are formed due to our cravings; distraction is a craving and once you find it hard to ignore that notification, it becomes a habit. You can use the guidance from this book to change unwanted habits in your life.


I hope you found these books useful. Let us know which books you would add to the list.