LinkedIn job seekers more often succeed when they make several adjustments to their LinkedIn profiles. Job seekers can also improve their odds by following companies, joining LinkedIn groups, making connections, and reading relevant content. Other viable LinkedIn job-hunting tactics include using the job search tool, setting job alerts, and displaying that you’re open to new work. This article is for job seekers looking to use LinkedIn more effectively for job prospecting.

New rules for LinkedIn job search are;


There is a new template for finding your preferred job position on LinkedIn which will set you aside from the usual pool of job vacancies on LinkedIn. There is a new hack to that, and you are most likely to find your dream job without any other person competing with you. Want to know the hack? Simply go to your LinkedIn account, go to the search button, type ‘hiring’ + ‘the role title you are interested in’. After this, you will proceed to do some filtering – filter for ‘posts’, ‘date posted’ and you will find many posts about hiring from recruiters and hiring managers. Do not hesitate to reach out after you have sent in your application to find out more details about the job.


Reaching out to hiring managers and recruiter can help during your job application as it gives you a direct chance to speak to the hiring manager about your skills, competencies and qualifications. After you have sent out your application, reach out directly to the recruiter using this message template;

‘Dear (insert name of recruiter/hiring manager), I saw your post about the (insert job position). I am interested in this role and I know that my experience in would align with this position. I would like to connect with you further on this and share my experience and qualifications with you. Thank you


Add newly acquired experiences and skill to your profile so recruiters looking for candidates with your background can find you. Also, Stay up to date on the industry news, participate in conversations, and learn about new job opportunities.

 Let us know if this works for you!