Congratulations on your new job! Now it is time to get to work and make a good impression. It is important to have a good start at your new job and get it right.

  • KNOW THE COMPANY: The first tip on having a great start at your new job is to know your company and its culture. This is important for you to get ahead easily and feel warm in your new environment with your colleagues. Google more about the company to know about the culture, what people are saying about the company and more. Also, follow your company on different social media networks to get acquainted with the latest happening.
  • BALANCE IT OUT: Try to mingle with your colleagues without doing too much. Nobody wants a colleague who is a ‘know it all’. While it is important to be inquisitive and be on the edge to gain information, you should also try to balance it out. Do not be too forward and do not be too shy to interact, balance it out.
  • BE A KEEN OBSERVER: To get ahead in your workplace, you need to be observant and observing every little detail counts as you do not want to keep asking questions from your colleagues. Make sure you keep little details and notes as they will help your workflow easier. There are lots of many things to deal with in the first week, so take note of every single detail. Observe the workflow, background of every department and other important information.
  • INTERACT WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES: Get acquainted with your colleagues and endeavour to participate in office discussions and events, this process will help you ease into the culture of the organisation. Try to also stay away from office gossips and politics.

Do these and you will be on to a great start.