When I first heard about cold pitching, I wondered what it was and how to write one. However, after I read about it and was shown a perfect example, I wondered if it is a wise decision to tell people about my skills/services. I got to understand that learning how to cold pitch is a great skill to have and it will elevate chances of getting more jobs as a freelance. There are no set rules when it comes to cold emailing, if you highlight your abilities properly and introduce yourself and what you can offer them, then you are on the right track.

What is cold emailing/pitching? This is the act of emailing targeted personal and corporate brands, usually people you have never met before, to convince them to make use of your services. You are putting forward your services to people who do not know they need you yet through an email campaign.

Firstly, your pitch must be direct and concise. Go straight to the point and let your potential client know within few seconds that you have the necessary skills they might need. Communicate effectively and let them know you have followed their growth and interested in partnering with them. The goal of cold pitching is for partnership. While writing your pitch, always remember that it is not about you but them. Do not lose sight of the bigger picture, center your pitch around what you can do for them as opposed what they can do for you. Nurture their thoughts and preferences, carry out your research about what they want and need, tell them how you are the best person to provide them these services.

Secondly, linking your portfolio to your pitch is another important thing you must do. Your potential clients want to know about you and the jobs you have successfully handled, this is a great way to proof yourself. Most times, companies would usually come back and ask of this, so waste no time in including it in your pitch. Include relevant links to your work, portfolio sample, or your freelance website where you put your works. When you do this, you are making it easier for them to hire you on the spot.

Furthermore, avoid typographical errors when writing your pitch. As an expert in your field, you are expected to be professional, and professionalism means your work will be void of spelling and grammatical errors. Proofread extensively; you can make use of editing apps like Grammarly or Editorial.

The answer you are looking for lies in your ability to follow up. Your emails may get read and forgotten, but it is now up to you to bring it back from the recycle bin. Follow up with the company after seven days and you might get a response.

I get asked why cold pitching is one of the best strategies for freelancers, and my first answer is that it is the most direct method to get a client’s attention, and this strategy allows you to get on a potential client’s directory. This strategy has helped me a lot in growing my business and increasing my sales.

Now that you have a new strategy up your sleeves, what are you waiting for?