Do not let a bad cover letter stop you from getting that dream job! Cover letters are one of the numerous ways to put yourself in the minds of your potential employers. A cover letter is a great way to mark your attendance and proceed to the next stage. While a cover letter may be optional for some jobs, some companies see it as a process of identifying the qualified. Also, it is a good idea to include a cover letter in your applications before you submit. A cover letter is a one-page essay which is usually sent with an application, providing information about your experiences and why you are qualified for me job. A cover letter tells your story, gives you the opportunity to elaborate on your abilities before getting the chance to interview with the panel/hiring manager.



Conducting a research about the values and culture of the organization goes a long way in giving you a clue of what to write about the company. Search for the vision, mission, and objectives, of the company by looking at sources such as the official website, social media accounts of the company, its management/executive social media profiles, reviews, or testimonials.



Avoid plagiarism. Write a cover letter that is specifically tailored to your achievements and experiences and targeted specifically for the person reading it. You can start by going over the job description, identify what the company wants and who they are looking for and then tailor your cover letter highlighting what makes you the perfect candidate for the job. You can highlight your achievements by stating how you have handled different situations successfully, how you have excelled in a previous job position or how you effectively spearheaded a team. These little details go a long way in convincing the recruiter that you are the best candidate for the job.



Cover letters play an important role in helping you get hired. Your CV is not enough; it is easy for recruiters to overlook your CV and jump to the next. However, including a detailed cover letter makes you stand out from the pile. You could include information which is not in your resume; important details such as reasons for applying, specific skills you have and more.



A good cover letter can spark the interest of your potential employer; hence you must use every opportunity you have. One of such opportunity is the use of specific keywords, words that are peculiar to the industry or the job. Using this word will sell your experiences and keep your potential employer informed. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors. Make sure your letter is extensively proofread before sending it out. Cover letters should not only be well-written, but they should also be free from abbreviations or slangs.



You should also focus on what value you will add to the company if hired. Rather than focus on your achievements extensively, write about your intending role and how you sincerely would love to work with the company. Convince the, let them know they are hiring the best candidate for the job, list your value to the company.


Use these tips to write the perfect cover letter and stand out from other applicants.

Source: Google