You will agree with me that the right career mentor could change your career? Imagine you getting way ahead in your career just because someone you admire and is successful has agreed to mentor you, guide you, share their accomplishments with you and give you feedback and advice on questions you might not have answers to or situations that you might not know how to handle. Now, this is where a mentor is needed.

Feeling Stagnated

A lot of times as young individuals, we tend to feel stagnated of stuck I our various career paths and often times feel that we need a career progression as often as we can. This is normal as it is a real feeling that should be considered. Moreso, one of the problems we also face is how to overcome this feeling of career stagnation and move forward. Therefore, with the support of a mentor, you can over come this. There are a lot of thing you mentor can help you with; guide you, answer your questions, help you gain confidence and lead you to discover yourself. One of the approaches through which all these can be attained is through feedback. Through your mentor’s feedback, you have the biggest tendency to grow personally and professionally.

Not sure of how to set your goals

Most successful professionals and entrepreneurs have all said they wished they had mentors at the start of their career, maybe they would have taken the right decisions at an early stage. It is important for you not to repeat these mistakes and learn from people who have gone through the same experience and learned from it. On of the most important reasons why you should get a mentor is for you to set SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time specific goals. Not sure how to set your smart goals, then you should get a mentor as it has been proven that goal setting is key to career progression and success

Your confidence level is low

Are you struggling with your confidence and having a difficult time developing your leadership skills? Now is the time to have a mentor to boost your self-esteem, advise you, guide you and increase your confidence level. Speaking to a mentor who encourages you will spur your ability to take on new challenges, and lots more. A significant importance of Mentorship is the ability to offer new and different perspectives which can be very instrumental to your career growth.

Now if these signs apply to you, I’m guessing that your next question is, how do I find a career mentor? GROW is starting a Mentorship programme to support you, cheer you on and provide feedback in places you need help. You will be matched with mentors who will listen to your plights, guide you and hold you accountable till you get your desired results