It is important to say that an average human get unhappy with their career path or job at some time in their life. However, what is important is how you get unstuck and move forward. As humans, our needs are insatiable and changes constantly, so it is normal for you to always want a better job or a career that makes you happy and fulfilled. Your job should fulfil you emotionally, financially, and intellectually, therefore, it is okay to want a change when you are not getting any of these.

Are you stuck at a job you no longer love?  Are you stuck working on things that no longer excite you? Progression starts with you. The word “Stuck” explains the surface level feeling of why you cannot proceed to the next stage, and if you want to get unstuck, the first step is to get to the root of what is causing you to feel stuck. Declutter and let go of options that are not essential to you. Let me explain further. For example, are you feeling afraid to change industries because you are scared you are not well experienced or competent enough? Are you under pressure to increase your finances but you do not know where to start from? If yes, you can start by asking yourself some hard questions that will help you eliminate your challenges, address the real issue so that you can get enough clarity.

Secondly, once you get clear on the true lingering fears, problems, or concerns (decluttering), the next step is for you to decide your next steps. It is pertinent to note that clarity comes from action not thought- you must take actions on the thoughts you have decided on. One of the ways you can do this is come up with a strategy plan or an action plan. For example, if you are looking at changing industries and your problem is not having enough experience or qualifications, the action plan could involve you looking into qualifications or courses in that field that you can take or volunteering roles you can take on as an intern. This step will help you navigate your steps properly with a guide to follow. Also, you might want to get some inspiration from others. If you can talk to someone whose career you find amazing, do it and ask them about their journeys. Even the most successful people had moments where they questioned if they were doing the right thing in their careers and usually, these moments had been their breakthroughs, which have taken them to the next level.

If you are left unfulfilled by your job or career, there is plenty you can do about it. First examine your situation carefully to be sure you are as stuck as you think. Even if you are stuck, you can take the action detailed above to get yourself free over time and improve your work situation while you are there.

Have you ever felt stuck in a career? What did you do about it?