Your goal when scholarship application essays is simple: stand out as one of the most qualified and interesting applicants. This be your main goal and knowing this fact will help you achieve your goal, which is to get a scholarship. They are so many techniques and strategies that could be used for writing an amazing scholarship. However, the STAR technique will be talked about here. The Chevening scholarship is one of the prestigious scholarships in the world. This scholarship is competitive but not if you know this secret on how to write the four important essays on the Chevening Scholarship application.

Here is how to stand out

The Chevening scholarship is one of the best scholarships for studying in the United Kingdom. This scholarship offers benefits such as full tuition, accommodation, airfare ticket, books, visa  cost, stipend and also gives you the opportunity to study in a developed country and probably one of the most sought out universities in the United Kingdom. For writing an acceptable Chevening Scholarship, the STARL approach has been the best technique. Lets see what this acronym means;

S- Situation: Think of a situational challenge or problem in your life and describe it

T- Task: Describe what you were faced with and the challenges or problems that needed to be tackled

A – Action: Describe the steps or actions that you took to overcome the challenge or problem.

R- Result: Describe the result of the action taken and the impact made or achieved

L – Lesson: Give an adequate summary of the important lessons learned

Your approach to learning must be SMART, that means, it must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and very timely. Endeavour to take your time to research on the Chevening body and check their website for information that will aid or help your essay. Do not rush your application, while you can start early, do not be in a hurry to submit early. Take your time and check all grammatical errors.