Have you ever wondered how interns become full time employers? Let me share my story with you. I started with a contract position and upon completion, I was offered a full-time role with benefits. Do you want to learn the secrets?


I was flexible while interning. I was always inquisitive about what others were doing and how I can get information from them. Flexibility is important when you are starting your career. It is essential that you learn as much as possible because the knowledge you gain is invaluable and could be useful to you when you start a full-time role. Maybe you are wondering, how can I learn? By showing interest and dedication to the objectives of the organisation. Learn how the organisation operates and offer solutions to challenges. These steps will demonstrate that you are invaluable and a suitable fit for the company if there was a vacant position. Be curious to learn, put yourself out there, be visible.


If you asked my family and friends to describe me in one word, it will be ‘diligent’. I have the ability to work on any project and give it a 100%. This is a skill you need during your internship. As an intern, you are most likely to be given a junior or administrative role to handle and you might not be working on the biggest projects. However, you should develop a strong work ethic and give every responsibility your best. One secret? People around you are watching your attitude towards work. If good, you will be recommended. If you have a proven track record of diligence, you are most likely to be considered and hired before anyone else. Establish the willingness to get work done, maintain a positive attitude, be open to criticisms and the right people will recommend you.


Yes, you have been hired as an intern but that is not enough. The goal is to get a full-time role maybe in the same organisation, right? You must show off your intelligence. Demonstrating your intelligence and values does not have to be behind closed doors or behind the scenes. Think outside the box, be visible to hiring managers and top directors. Ask questions during presentations, introduce yourself, talk about how genuinely excited you are to join the team, build relationships with colleagues and make a lasting impression.


Networking is an effective way of securing a job offer after your internship. The perception that networking involves working into a room and starting a conversation with people needs to be corrected. I mean, it could be more than that. Networking could be one-on-one meetings with people in different organisations, your co-workers, guests, and lots more. That ten minutes conversation could be a lifesaver and make a huge difference. Embrace the possibilities and step out of your comfort zone.

What is your internship story? Did you get an offer afterward?