Best Secrets on how to Manage your Salary


It’s salary day! There is this theory that your salary should keep you going for a month. However, reality sets in and inexplicable emergencies set in our income finish even before the end of the month. Creating a budget as an adult can be overwhelming. There are so many expenses that are required of you to fulfill. From buying different outfits ranging from work clothes to casual clothing, getting toiletries and cosmetics and giving money out to your younger ones in school, then your salary is not enough! Creating a budget is an extremely important step towards saving your income and [...]

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Averting Financial Hangovers in January


The holiday season, the vacations, the outings, the fun, the gifts, the turkey, Oh! The negative number in your account. We tend to spend beyond our budgets during the holidays, and no its not just you, it’s more common than you think. The sobering experience of running out of cash and being broke weeks before the January payday should be viewed as an opportunity for individuals to want to manage their finances better this year. How do you avoid getting into this financial rut yearly? Have a clearly defined budget; Instead of just going overboard with the spending, set a limit [...]

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