Mentee Dorathy Anzaku found out about the GROW Mentorship Programme online and decided to give it a try. She applied through the registration portal and out of numerous applicants who applied for the programme, she was one of the lucky ones. She had a successful onboarding session and got matched to her mentor who is a seasoned HR Management Consultants in one of the biggest firms globally. Both parties were able to establish a genuine connection and build a trusting mentoring relationship. Thanks to that, Dorathy was able to gain a new perspective and grow professionally.

 What inspired you to join the mentorship programme?

I have never been in a mentorship programme before and I always wondered what is at stake for me. It is common knowledge that mentors can help with career clarity but I never knew what that felt like, so I decided to take a bold step to get into a mentorship programme. The GROW Mentorship programme came at the right time when I needed so much career clarity. I thought that having a mentor would be beneficial at the stage where I needed to gain perspective on certain aspects of my career.

What areas have you progressed in during or after the mentorship programme?

This is a very important question. I think the purpose of every mentorship is to progress personally and career wise. I think that apart from knowledge, skills acquired such as soft skills and hard skills, it really helped me to see my potential and focus on things that really matter. I have received tremendous support and objective judgment from my mentor, Funmi Olukeye on various topics. I feel now I am more impactful, and I gained more self-awareness. We also practiced giving and receiving feedback and this meant so much to me as it improved my communication skills and made me more accountable.

What are the areas you worked on during your sessions with your mentor?

We defined my smart goals around personal branding, project management, and leadership skills. And it was great that we started with the topic of personal branding. It helped us to get to know each other very well. I gained clarity on my strengths and weaknesses. We also focused on how to be an impactful leader and discussed different styles of leadership. It was great that apart from these main areas, when something urgent came up, I always had a chance to discuss it with Maria and gain an objective opinion. That’s what helped me proceed faster and it was beneficial.

Do you have any general feedback?

The GROW mentorship program is a good opportunity for personal and career development, what stood out the most for me and left me in awe is my mentor, she is an awesome person and very down to earth. I could talk to her without fidgeting and she is a very intelligent woman. I had given up on being part of the program, but the GROW team and my mentor reached out to me, that is something that rarely happens and so I am very grateful. It is beyond professional and personal development, the program is well-planned and will leave you with a mentor for life, if you wish.

Did Dorathy’s mentoring journey inspire you? If you would also like to explore your potential and work on your career goals with the support of an experienced professional, go ahead and join our mentorship programme to get matched with the perfect mentor for you!