Mentee Experience: Dorathy Anzaku


Mentee Dorathy Anzaku found out about the GROW Mentorship Programme online and decided to give it a try. She applied through the registration portal and out of numerous applicants who applied for the programme, she was one of the lucky ones. She had a successful onboarding session and got matched to her mentor who is a seasoned HR Management Consultants in one of the biggest firms globally. Both parties were able to establish a genuine connection and build a trusting mentoring relationship. Thanks to that, Dorathy was able to gain a new perspective and grow professionally.  What inspired you to join [...]

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Mentee Experience: The GROW Mentorship Programme


  We had a chat with Thelma Chuma about her experience with the GROW Mentorship Programme so far. For Thelma, it was love at first sight and all she needed when she heard about the clarion call for the application. She was convinced that it will be an important step towards building a better career and personal development. What Inspired you to join the programme? For me, it was also about looking for new perspectives. I wanted to be accountable, and I needed someone to hold me accountable while guiding me. Luckily for me, the GROW Tribe, which I am a [...]

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